Our Journey


It all started when…

Joey & Cathy met at Milligan College TN where both were involved with International Missions and many ministry activities of East Tennessee Area. The Potters married in 1979 and began a life of missions ever since.

My whole life my parents have taught me what it means to serve Jesus on the mission field.

THIS is what we do. For me, it’s every summer trip, for them, it’s their ministry and life calling, for the kids, it’s an eternity with Jesus. 
If you’ve been on mission with our family, please share this so that others can see the joy of Christ we are sharing with the world. 
It’s no street corner ministry, it’s doing LIFE with these kids, the employees of the restaurant, the people of the church, the teachers in the schools.

And we go back. EVERY. YEAR. Multiple times a year. We keep showing up and serving because Jesus didn’t just show up ONCE in our lives.

He shows up AGAIN and AGAIN.


Hannah Beth Potter