Our Story



Joey & Cathy met at Milligan College TN where both were involved with International Missions and many ministry activities of the East Tennessee Area. The Potters married in 1979 and began a life of missions ever since.

Joey partnered with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes since his first FCA Summer Camp of 1974. He eventually served 11 years with FCA as Director of Missions.

Now Joey & Cathy have become their own 501c3 – Mission Based Non-Profit – Joey Potter Missions.

 Joey has been a veteran youth pastor who has been ministering to middle, high school, and college age students for almost 29 years. All of the years of ministry prior to that,

he served as the High School and College Age Youth Pastor in four different churches in Tennessee, Washington, Maryland, and Florida.

Focusing time and energy on creating mission projects and trips for various mission organizations, churches, youth pastors, Coaches, Teams, and Athletes.

JPM loves seeking to serve children and families who are in great need. The last four years have been extremely focused to serve Jesus and His mission on earth. We are finding exciting opportunities all the time!

 Our missions opportunities and experiences are authentic & life-changing – where people Come & See God.

This happens only when we understand why we are doing what we are doing as well as love our Lord with all our heart, mind, and soul.Come and See God with us.   


Joey Potter Missions

Joey is a visionary and a team builder. He includes and motivates people to accomplish more than they envisioned. He looks not only at what is but what can be. He is passionate about seeing lives changed. He has a heart for the poor and underserved as well. He gets things done and is not afraid to try new approaches. He is confident God can do big things in people’s lives and strives to be part of that.
— Tic Long
Joey Potter is OFF THE CHARTS in his faith and trust in God. He is able to accomplish more in one day then most of us get done in one year. He is committed to being “his brothers keeper”. We have served together in ministry and I represented Joey and his wife Cathy in a Real Estate transaction by selling their home in FL to make a move to GA. They have excelled and grown in leaps and bounds as they have walked through the doors of every opportunity that God has given them. They are doers of the word and not hearers only. If you desire sound doctrinal counsel and want to grow more in your faith in Jesus Christ....then be in touch with Joey Potter. Time spent with him is a CHANGED LIFE. Thank you Joey for your friendship, for your confidence in me to be your realtor.
— Sunny Molle
I met Joey Potter over 10 years ago when he was serving as a youth pastor at Mountain Christian Church and I also attend the BOTA Project mission trips.

In the time I have known Joey, I have found him to be an excellent example of Christian leadership. He has a unique ability to relate to and properly communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds. In particular, he has a rare ability to lead young adults as I have witnessed during the BOTA Project trips.

I would give Joey Potter my highest recommendation
— Rick Proctor