40 Years of Blessings

Blessings Friends,

We have some quick updates and blessings we would love to share with you.

Joey Potter Missions is establishing the final process of what it will take to DRILL-A-WELL in Chiredzi Zimbabwe for the children of the school & community who are in desperate need of water.  JPM will be in Zimbabwe from August 23rd – September 2nd to begin the praying, seeking, and drilling to find clean water.  Please Pray For Us!

During our Blessings Month of May – JPM has been thankful for all the blessings and ways God completes our needs beyond human comprehension or understanding. We trust in God’s Way to bless us with what we need – “Give us this day, our daily bread”.

Come to Zimbabwe – August 2019

JPM is not desiring for you to Drill-A-Well in Zimbabwe; but we will set up 5 days of feeding the children of the school and community on a daily basis. We will play games and teach them about the words and teachings of Jesus.  It will be the longest day of your life (each day) and possibly the hottest day too! 

On the other hand, your day will be the greatest experience to share the gospel and feed the children of Chiredzi Zimbabwe. Call, email, or complete the application of JPM on our website – www.joeypottermissions.org ; and God will reveal your life unlike anything you have ever experienced!

Church Missions Month - June 2019

Please share with your church about “Joey Potter Missions”.  Please take some time to share with your missions team domestic/internationally about our work, what we could do to help establish a Partnership, and how we might serve you & your church.  Please pray about this promising partnership that could continue the ministry between God’s work in the Local Church & Missions in the USA/International Countries.

With some great news, Cathy & I will celebrate 40 years of marriage, 40 years of ministry, and 40 years of blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ on June 10, 2019 . Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us over the years. 

REMEMBER WHEN…  Please send us an email or write on our JPM website about a wonderful blessing you remember that involved you/your family & us.  We would love to hear from you. 

Thank you for your support


How Will We Feed 1 Million Children?

Greetings Friends

The month of April has been a blessing to partner with you. From feeding 500 Children, the community (700+) in Zimbabwe and the feeding of the families in Tecate Mexico.  JPM’s goal was set to “Feed 1 Million Children in the Next Ten Years”…  So what does that look like and how are we doing?

 These are the two main areas we are Feeding 1 Million Children: 

  1. Domestically – Florida / Tennessee / Georgia – which happens periodically by individuals/companies/organizations requesting JPM’s assistance.

  2. Internationally – JPM is serving Zimbabwe & Mexico; with ongoing partnerships to help in needs specifically with Kenya, Honduras, Haiti, & Bahamas (Haitians). 

Our goal is to help each location sustain the means to feed and provide for themselves; and some of these locations are in great need of water.  JPM is researching and committed to DRILL-A-WELL in Zimbabwe in August 2019; and we have received hundreds of requests for these services.  This is very new for us and prayerfully looking at our options and the demands/responsibilities to become a mission ministry which can/could DRILL-A-WELL! 

We would love to know your thoughts on this!

The month of May is our JPM’s BLESSINGS MONTH.  We will reachout to over 500 individuals and companies in seeking funding for the next three years 2019/20/21.  Please be in prayer as we seek to find those individuals who might desire to partner with Joey Potter Missions ministry work domestically and internationally.  We are very thankful for your prayers and support.

At this time – our 17 donors who give their blessing for “feeding 1 million children” is just under 20 children/families who are sponsored by our friends.  These feedings are happening in Mexico, Zimbabwe, and domestically in the US (FL/TN/GA).  Our goal would be to reach 100 partnering sponsors to sponsor a child of the Feed 1 Million Children in the next 10 years program.  Continue to pray for us in this area.

Finally, I was honored to do the funeral service for an ole friend up in Georgia – Paul Bosworth who passed at 89 years old.  Paul & June had been married almost 66 years and their example of life in Christ was beautiful.  The one thing Pops/Paul always did with the family whether coming or going was – “two kisses on the forehead & I love you”…

I pray you are living a life today with “Two Kisses on the forehead & I love you”

Your Blessing – Their Blessing - Be Blessed


 Joey Potter

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We Have A Heavy Heart For Zimbabwe

Children Are Starving

There are many tough things to see in this world; and even tougher things to experience in person.  This last week in Zimbabwe JPM Team was ready to care for hungry children; but I am not sure if there is a preparation for caring for starving children! 

Zimbabwe was extremely hot as our team would last about 1 ½ to 2 hours in the sun playing with the children/students at their school.  The situation is desperate for the whole country Zimbabwe; please continue to pray for these children/families and Zimbabwe as a whole.  Our team worked long hours from 5 am till 9 pm; and most days lunch/dinner was combined; which none of us regret – for our task/purpose was being accomplished by our Father in Heaven.   

JPM was blessed by many of you to be able to feed the children (500), Teachers (30), and their community (100) each day while in Zimbabwe.  The bread and orange juice were available; and it was a miracle to be able to provide for this many children/families last week.  To God be the Glory. 

We are determined to return and help this school which is upon a mountain and in great need of water.  So JPM is seeking to drill a well upon this mountain to provide this school/children/community clean water, irrigation for crops, and create a fish pond.  JPM has two containers which have been purchased for JPM Projects of 2019 and looking to fill them for the people of Zimbabwe.

 Please pray for us in seeking the opportunities to drill more wells for the children and schools in Zimbabwe.  These are new journeys of faith JPM travel (shipping containers & drilling wells); but this is the very best opportunities for the children to receive food and water.  Pray God will lead, guide, and direct JPM’s path in these journeys ahead.

Thank you for your continued financial support and your prayers.


JPM is available to speak for your churches, your schools, your company/corporation, and your friends about – “Feeding 1 Million Children in the Next 10 Years”!  Help JPM spread and share the good news of Jesus blessing his children and our work.


Amen Amen Amen 

Zimbabwe Mission Project II – August 28th thru September 4th


Joey Potter

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Cyclone Idai (Disaster Relief)

Greetings Friends

This morning JPM Zimbabwe Mission Project Team 2019 ZMPT19 has assembled “21 – CHECKED BAGS & 14 Carry-On Bags of Medical Supplies, Clothing, Shoes, Sandals, School Supplies, and Educational Tools” - for the children of the schools and orphanage.  JPM is anxious and ready to begin; and we realizes this truly is RUNNING TO THE STORM.  

 Many of you may be aware of the Cyclone Idai that came from the Indian Ocean (hit Zimbabwe last week); which left millions of families in disaster living conditions; about 1/3 of Zimbabwe was impact by Idai.  Our team is prayed up and prepared.

 As we serve these next two weeks we will deal with the electricity outages, water situation, snakes, mosquitos, food shortages and lack of gasoline.  Unfortunately the last two years Zimbabwe has been in a drought situation; and now Cyclone Idai hits the country. They needed water, but not in this way.

 JPM is asking you and your family/friends/church/company to pray for our goal each day to feed – 500 children daily.  These children have been in a starvation situation for the month of March; and the Hippo Valley Christian Mission has asked if we can feed these children.  Many of you have given and are giving funds on the JPM website – www.joeypottermissions.org to feed these children for the next week. 

JPM is praying to find a resource or blessing that JPM might feed these children daily; that is why our JPM Team will work thru the week to find what resources might be available for extending this blessing daily for the children.  As JPM continues’ our goal and calling to Feed 1 Million Children in the Next 10 Years – JPM will start today to feed the children of Zimbabwe. 

Please forgive JPM for lack of announcements on social media or email of the exact location of where the JPM Team will be.  The country of Zimbabwe has been under troubled times; and for our safety it is best JPM locations remain neutrally announced.  If you are desiring to work with JPM Zimbabwe in the coming future or interested in a greater investment – please let us know; as our team can share all the information you might need.

Finally pray these matters which are heavy on the hearts of the JPM ZMPT19:
1. Pray that God will provide the provisions for the food to feed the 500 children daily in Zimbabwe…

2.  Pray that God will make transportation safe and finding gasoline with no problem as JPM Team travels thru the disaster left by Cyclone Idai…

3.  Pray for Thanksgiving for God giving our JPM ZMPT19 the professional and gifted team members to serve this mission project…

4.  Pray for our safety & health to continue for the JPM ZMPT19 in Zimbabwe…

5.  Pray for the diseases not to spread among the children from Cyclone Idai…

6.  Pray for JPM ZMPT19 to find the food needed to feed the children daily – 500 children daily & possible other countries in search of food for the children…

7.  Pray for us as JPM prays for you…

Thank you & may God bless you as He is blessing JPM ZMPT19 to serve.

To God be the Glory