Blessed From Atlanta

Thank you so much Friends in Atlanta as you blessed JPM with new school supplies - pencils, pens, scissors, rulers, and eraser. Plus the new shoes & socks that were donated. 

We will return the week of March 24th - March 28 to gather the rest of the BLESSINGS from our friends who continue to gather for this cause.

We have been asked to feed 500 children daily and it only cost $1 per day to feed each child. Please pray for us as we seek to feed these children daily.

We will feed these children April 1 thru April 5; then JPM will seek the Lord to feed the Zimbabwe people for the rest of the year.
Pray with Us!
Pray for JPM Zimbabwe Team to be protected in the midst of unrest.
Pray for JPM to love, heal, feed, clothe, share, & bless.

God's blessings are dispensed according to the riches of his grace, not according to the depth of our faith.  


Lauren Daigle ~ Everything (Lyrics)