Love Is The Common Thread Of Life

After wrapping up a wonderful week in Mexico, my heart remains full of joy from the experience. Although we didn’t speak the same language, it didn’t matter. Once again, God showed me love is the common thread of life; it’s really all that matters. We were able to build a house in four days for a very deserving and grateful couple, host a sports camp for the children of Boscoe Orphanage and love on adults, teens and babies. Mission trips have become very important to my family and me over the past three years. We need to get outside our own comfort zones to serve others in theirs. It does wonders for the soul, and it will grow your faith in Jesus like nothing else. We tend to think we're going to be a blessing to others, but I always come back WAY more blessed by them. You don't have to go to the other side of the world to serve; you can go down the street - just GO! Lastly, I have to thank Joey Potter for consistently inviting me to serve others and for being a steady reminder to love others. 

God isn't looking for great ability; he's looking for great availability. - Levi Lusko