Why Did God Bring You Here?

This past week was an amazing experience. Out of all the pictures taken this weekend, this one helps summarize it all.

For a long time Joey Potter has been telling me “come and see God.”

Well I went and boy was He right. The first night of bible study in Tecate, I was called out. I live a very busy lifestyle. Between working full time, grad school, coaching/ working out at the gym, church, traveling, softball and trying to maintain a social life, have left me exhausted.

I slept the whole plane ride to Cali, and slept most of the ride down to Mexico but that first night of bible study I was wide awake.
I got asked why are you here? Why did God bring you here?
I think God used this trip to help separate me from every single one of those things this week. 
He fed me awesome Mexican food, gave me rest and allowed me to spend a whole week to just enjoy serving others and spending more time in the word (which I have been lacking in the last couple of months).

The people in Tecate are God- fearing, loving people. Their prayer life is something I envy.

They have left an everlasting impact on my life that I plan to take back with me to Georgia.