What's Next After Hurricane Dorian

Greetings Friends of JPM,

Today’s update comes from Harare Zimbabwe as we finish up our work there.  JPM finished two - DRILL-A-WELL and feeding hundreds of children daily. God will use the waters to multiply His blessing upon these children and families.

The new dresses and outfits for the babies (diapers) are a great celebration for many of the mothers and children.  It’s hard to imagine or embrace that these children receive nothing - New!  The children and families have been thrilled with what they have received.  

JPM is praying upon returning in January 2020 to Drill-A-Well and continue the “Feed 1 Million Children” Program; please be in prayer for our final decisions about where JPM will serve in 2020.  There are so many choices and JPM desires to be the very best by serving Jesus where He leads by His Spirit & His Word!

Jesus’ ministry, words, and life was transparent and open to the ones He loved and served.  We desire to do the same with you and your partnership with Joey Potter Missions.  Please know this is a #1 priority for JPM!

While serving in the Zimbabwe Missions Projects, JPM came across a missionary response about money: ‘well we can use the monies however we desire because they won’t know’!  I was shocked and terribly disappointed; and directly communicated that JPM would not continue doing ministry or work with this missionary or their mission organization.

We want you to know your money goes to the place you have designated or desired! Joey Potter Mission Board is 100% committed to our policy, that money goes to the place you have requested!

We are extremely thankful for your giving and your prayers. Not only your donations this past year, but anytime you give it will go where you have requested.  JPM celebrates with all the opportunities you have blessed us to serve - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

YOUR BLESSINGS have gone to:

  1. Joey Potter Missions Finances, Support, & Salary

  2. Feed 1 Million Children in the Next 10 Years Program

  3. DRILL-A-WELL Projects

  4. Tecate Mexico Projects

  5. Zimbabwe Projects

  6. Honduras Projects

  7. Disaster Relief Project of the United States..

  8. Church Plants in Tecate Mexico

  9. Kenya Projects

  10. Costa Rica & Puerto Rico Projects

  11. Bahamas Projects

  12. Foster Children Programs throughout the World

Upcoming for JPM - Fall Projects

JPM arrives back in the US on Saturday morning from 17 days in Zimbabwe; and then wash clothes.  JPM will take to the Eastern Coastal areas to seek how we might best serve the communities hit by Hurricane Dorian with Box Fans and food.

We have been asked to bring supplies to Ft Lauderdale to be shipped to the Bahama Islands thru the work of the church in Spanish Wells - Jarred Albury.  Please pray our supplies and funding for these people is sufficient as JPM asks for the Lord’s blessing.  

We will also take the last two weeks in September to pray, seek the Lord’s will, and rest.  This time is our opportunity to reflect, seek God’s direction, and plan for the JPM Projects for 2020 & Fall/Winter 2019.  Please pray for JPM during this time.  

 THANK YOU so much, your blessing is the children’s blessing.

Cathy & I humbly thank you for the how you have supported and blessed JPM to bless others.  Please let us know how we can serve and pray for you.