'To God Be The Glory'

On October 23rd, 2018 in the third quarter it was Yale against Penn. The Yale Quarterback (Kurt Rawlings) scrambled for 11 yards to pick up a first down before suffering an injury that required him to be helped off the field.  Doctors would discover later that weekend that Rawlings’ season was over due to a broken ankle and torn ligaments.  

Rawlings started all 10 of Yale’s games in 2017 to help the Bulldogs to their first solo crown since 1980. As the centerpiece of the Bulldogs’ offensive attack, the junior signal caller/Rawlings delivered steady results for Yale football through the first half of the 2018 campaign, despite sustaining minor injuries. 

Kurt had participated in JPM Projects in the past; and along with his brother Keifer.  The Rawlings brothers were hard workers and had huge hearts to serve Christ on the mission field.

In most Christian circles – believers would toss the popular verse around as a result of Rawlings injury as Jeremiah 29 – ‘the Lord knows the plans’. This doesn’t work for Kurt or the rest of his family as their mother (Kathy) was diagnosed with cancer; and was going through chemo treatments during Kurt’s junior season.  

Psalms 23 seemed more appropriate for the Rawlings family as many friends were praying and encouraging them in this difficult journey in life.  God is faithful; and the Potters/JPM prayed and shared many moments with the Rawlings to continue in their faithfulness in Christ’s calling.

September 21st, 2019 Kurt Rawlings started as quarterback for Yale University; and his mother Kathy (cancer free) will be there to watch her son play his senior year.  Kurt’s response as always, will be – ‘to God be the Glory’; and will graciously focus always on the healing of his mother instead of the returning to the game.  Both individuals are miracles; and JPM gives thanks to God for their lives and their witness to the communities in which they fellowship.

The powerful perspective of both their journeys has been the striving to take every thought captive and embrace the moments of the painful road to recovery.  Most will never know what agony and challenges Kathy and Kurt experienced.  But this past Saturday was a new day for the Rawlings’ family; and God receives the glory of their victory.  

JPM embraces the journey of faithfulness of what God desires of us; and the journey will always bring us back to Psalms 23.  This past quarter for us has been filled with trials and challenges in Zimbabwe, Mexico, Hurricane Dorian, and still we believe God will be glorified in our joys and our sorrows of life.

JPM is thankful for your prayers and support in our serving others in Christ.  October 1st will be the date for our new JPM Projects for 2020.  Please be in prayer for JPM as we seek to be in the locations and destinations of where Jesus is calling for our teams to go and serve.

We are thankful for each of you; and please let JPM know how we might pray for you.  The challenges for Feeding 1 Million Children in the next 10 Years will be shared and mapped out for everyone to pray and participate.  JPM is excited about the opportunity’s individuals, churches, businesses/companies, and foundations will have to partner with our “Feeding 1 Million Children”.

Pray for us as we pray for you!

Joey Potter Missions