Keep In Touch

Yesterday my cell phone was destroyed and it’s been about 30 hours without a cell phone!  The same question you probably have asked sometime in the past – what in the world did we do before cell phones?

JPM desires to keep in touch and reach out to let friends, business, and corporations know about the progress of Feeding 1 Million Children in the Next 10 Years.  The Projects in Tecate Mexico, Chiredzi Zimbabwe, Domestic Disasters in the United States, Honduras, Nakuru Kenya, Spanish Wells Bahamas are ongoing work; our weekly updates are best through emails/blog post like this.

Thank you so much for taking a moment to review, respond, pray, and support Joey Potter Missions (JPM).  Please Let us know how we might serve you! 

June 1, 2019 is the birthday of “Joey Potter Missions” and we are officially 1 year old today.  In the past year JPM has fed 100’s of children monthly in 3rd world countries, participated in the assistants in two domestic disasters of hurricane on the East Coast, and sought to serve other mission operations throughout the world.

You may be receiving this for the first time; and JPM would like to say “Thank You” & “God bless you” for your prayers and support in our projects these past several years.  Please visit our website – there you will find information about our upcoming 5 mission projects in the US & in our international ongoing projects.  If you sign up for our blogs; you will have all the updates and news about the work and service JPM is providing. 

 Our toughest project will be Drilling-A-Well in Chiredzi Zimbabwe; please keep us in your prayers as we prepare with God’s will to drill wells in Zimbabwe.

It is officially hurricane season and JPM hopes to put together JPM HURRICANE PARTIES – would you host a Hurricane Party?  JPM has created a lunch box which has all the main food groups in a Hurricane Relief Bag for the families who will get hit by the upcoming hurricanes this season.  We would love to help you sponsor a – JPM Hurricane Party to gather lunches for the families/children who will be without food during this Season in 2019.  

We also want to thank you for all the school supplies still coming in for our JPM Missions Projects.  You are a blessing for what you do for Christ.

 FYI – 4 spots left for the JPM Zimbabwe Project in August.  
JPM has two Gatlinburg TN Projects (Oct & Dec) – you need to complete your JPM application if you are serving with JPM this fall in the Smoky Mountains.  

Thank you…

God bless you & blessings