Living to Die, Dying to Live

This past week I graduate in the CPE Chaplain Program of 2 years/4 semesters – to volunteer/serve the families who are losing or lost their loved ones.  It’s been an opportunity to support the wonderful nurses, doctors, and medical teams who serve each of us in our moments of health needs. 

The CPE training has helped our perspective and serving the children/families in the 3rd world countries.  JPM is aware that many children/parents are HIV infected and serving them will be for a season. The honor of serving and loving these families through Christ is simply wonderful. 

Currently, JPM is in Tecate Mexico this week setting up a feeding for about 100 children; please pray for us as we help parents establish funding to supply their family needs. We will be bringing a JPM Mission Project Team back here in July; and we are excited to see what impact God will have on the children.

Thank you again for your prayers for the JPM Zimbabwe Mission Project – August 2019.  Our goal is to Drill-A-Well for the children/families/community of this area in Chiredzi Zimbabwe. Continue to pray for these people because the situation has worsened since we were last there. Please pray!

At the moment we’re looking for individuals who desire to serve and bless others through short-term mission projects.  JPM Projects are very family oriented and a great week to serve Jesus.  “Come & See God” is our theme in our JPM Projects; and you will see God.

If you’re interested and want more information please contact us.

Thank you for your support and thank your for your prayers.