The Gift of Generosity

The most overwhelming gift that JPM receives is always the GIFT of Generosity.  Do you know those gifts?

The Generosity Gift comes unexpected, without knowledge or reason, and favors the depth of a miracle at times. Generous Gifts are valued and treasured; but the giver has blessed you with this word – Generosity! Generosity captures the heart of God.  Generosity has God’s attention and brings the fullness of God’s love in the act of Generosity. 

Generosity is a lifestyle of blessing.

JPM desires to bless and live the character of generosity in the lives of others.  Generous Giving is always living a sacrificial unconscious approach to focus on the individuals needs. This past two months JPM has been blessed by the generosity of individuals and families who have blessed our work and projects.  What response is worthy of receiving generosity?   Possibly: Hallelujah!

Jesus lived generously and His blessings were always beyond the expectation of those who received His generosity; which left them in awe.

We believe, ‘the world believes in what you do and not in what you say’!  And the world pays attention and seeks to understand the gift of generosity. JPM desires to have the attention of the world to know the love of Jesus; the greatest generosity to be received.

Please pray for JPM to live generously in the months ahead; and bless others beyond human expectation in the power of God’s blessing.

How can JPM pray for you this next week?