40 Years of Blessings

Blessings Friends,

We have some quick updates and blessings we would love to share with you.

Joey Potter Missions is establishing the final process of what it will take to DRILL-A-WELL in Chiredzi Zimbabwe for the children of the school & community who are in desperate need of water.  JPM will be in Zimbabwe from August 23rd – September 2nd to begin the praying, seeking, and drilling to find clean water.  Please Pray For Us!

During our Blessings Month of May – JPM has been thankful for all the blessings and ways God completes our needs beyond human comprehension or understanding. We trust in God’s Way to bless us with what we need – “Give us this day, our daily bread”.

Come to Zimbabwe – August 2019

JPM is not desiring for you to Drill-A-Well in Zimbabwe; but we will set up 5 days of feeding the children of the school and community on a daily basis. We will play games and teach them about the words and teachings of Jesus.  It will be the longest day of your life (each day) and possibly the hottest day too! 

On the other hand, your day will be the greatest experience to share the gospel and feed the children of Chiredzi Zimbabwe. Call, email, or complete the application of JPM on our website – www.joeypottermissions.org ; and God will reveal your life unlike anything you have ever experienced!

Church Missions Month - June 2019

Please share with your church about “Joey Potter Missions”.  Please take some time to share with your missions team domestic/internationally about our work, what we could do to help establish a Partnership, and how we might serve you & your church.  Please pray about this promising partnership that could continue the ministry between God’s work in the Local Church & Missions in the USA/International Countries.

With some great news, Cathy & I will celebrate 40 years of marriage, 40 years of ministry, and 40 years of blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ on June 10, 2019 . Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us over the years. 

REMEMBER WHEN…  Please send us an email or write on our JPM website about a wonderful blessing you remember that involved you/your family & us.  We would love to hear from you. 

Thank you for your support