Welcome To Blessing Month (MAY)

Greetings Friends,

This is the May 2019/Blessings Month for Joey Potter Missions!  JPM would like to thank you for your partnership – “your prayers, your financial support, and your interest” in what we are doing and why we are doing what we do! The World will never believe in what we say, but the World will believe in what we do! 

So What Is Blessing Month?

Blessings Month is the month of May were we give thanks for what we do and those who bless JPM to bless others.
As the leader/president of JPM – please pray for our decisions as I have principal oversight of all mission activities conducted under Joey Potter Missions. Our planned activities include short term missions’ projects, feeding the poor, working with orphanages and various foster care services, speaking engagements to further our missions through education and sponsorships for mission activities, fundraising, and among other services to the needy. That is why I seek the counsel of other wise servants/followers of Jesus to help JPM to see where God truly wants us to serve and what God wants us to do!

This Past Year

How cool is this? The IRS commented on our development as a new 501 C (3) exemption to conduct charitable activities and I quote, “your organization came right out serving and knowing what you wanted to do and were you're doing it”!  We have been praying for several years about what is needed in this world; and praying God would lead, guide and direct us in what/where/when/how it would happen. We have been serving since August of 2018 and the journey continues.

What You Might Not Know

International Missions

Thankful for your blessings, prayers, and support – JPM Internationally has currently been serving 2018-2019 in Tecate Mexico and Chiredzi Zimbabwe. We have been blessed with a wonderful Board of Directors who review & help plan on what countries are in the greatest need and/or what country could be best served by us during this past year.  Each of JPM’s goals are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors who fervently pray over our work and plans for the upcoming projects!

This is how and where the idea of “DRILLING-A-WELL” came from; when we returned from Zimbabwe to experience the most desperate situation of starvation.  Your prayers along with seeking God’s direction brought the truth of the realization – feeding the children would not be enough unless there is water available to drink, grow crops, and nourish their livestock.  We concluded that JPM would find opportunities and ways to DRILL-A-WELL!

Please pray for this new project as we learn a new trade and service of what this will all entail. One thing we are sure of, water will provide multiple blessings of resources for the children we serve in Chiredzi Zimbabwe!


  • Provide food, clothing, and clean drinking water for children and families who partner with the organization such as missions / churches / schools who serves in the region.  This is our basic purpose and goal as a mission ministry project.

The organizations we have partnered with thus far in 2018-2019 has been the 2nd Nazarene Church in Tecate, Mexico; and the Hippo Valley Christian Mission in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe.
Your sponsorship for our “Feeding 1 Million Children in the Next 10 Years” has been a great blessing to our goals and missions project.  JPM is actively studying how JPM will feed 1 million children in the next 10 years. We believe in this calling and we're presently feeding children and their families; and will continue daily.
JPM will be sharing our goals during the BLESSINGS MONTH of MAY of what “Feeding 1 Million Children in the Next 10 Years” will look like and what our plans to do in feeding so many children.  Thank you for your sponsorship and partnership that allows JPM to presently feed children!  
Domestic Missions

- Gatlinburg, Tennessee
- New Bern, North Carolina
- Orlando, Florida

Future plans will include the expansion of mission activities to other states and regions stated in our mission statement as the JPM Board reviews/praying over options and mission opportunities.


  1. Provide food, clothing, and footwear for children and families who partner with the organization such as missions / churches / schools who serves in the state or region of the USA.

  2. Provide emergency supplies for disaster relief.  We pre-position supplies in JPM containters strategically located in Atlanta & Orlando so we can quickly respond to crises.  When disaster strikes, we deploy JPM Teams comprised of experienced volunteers trained in meeting the needs of disaster victims.

As you have read over our review of what JPM has been doing for this past year – Joey Potter Missions (Joey & Cathy & the JPM Board) says “Thank You & God bless you for blessing our work”!  Your blessing is Our blessing, and Your blessing is the Children’s blessing.  YOU are a blessing and your provision for our service to begin and continue is because of your faithfulness!

God's Blessings

JPM and the JPM Board of Directors had some ideas of what God had in place for what might be our service; but God’s power and might has taken us in this past year to places and needs beyond anything JPM could have ever imagined!  For this enough to say simply – “TO GOD BE THE GLORY”, amen.
Please keep us in prayer, Domestically and Internationally. Florida / Tennessee / Georgia / Maryland / Carolinas / and the Pacific Northwest.  Pray for our work as it continues in Mexico and Zimbabwe; and studies of new projects in Honduras, Spanish Wells Bahamas, and Nicaragua have started this month.  

Blessings Month – May will consist of 4 articles each Friday about God’s blessings and JPM thankfulness for what God has provided! We are thankful for each of you for providing and partnering with our projects. Give us a call this month and let’s pray together in thanksgiving about God’s blessing!