Blessings In The Midst Of Disappointments 

Blessings in the Midst of Disappointments 

I believe the greatest of blessings come in the surroundings of disappointments.  The toughest part is believing our Father in Heaven could possibly have something that would sooth the pain or breathless dwelling of a disappointment.  

Your disappointment can be the littlest of things in life; or huge prayers or expectations that are not answered  with the outcome of which we desire or need. When we hear that Jesus is always with us and faithful; our human flesh simply responds to scoff the thought of such a possibility in the midst of our pain.

I am an On-Call Hospital Chaplain at Nemours Children’s Hospital; as I have felt a great desire to minister to those families who are given the worst of news or the results of their child progress is beyond the great depth of disappointment.  In those times there is mourning, crying, questioning, frustration, anger, and bitterness during the hours of attempting to process the disappointing news.  Where is the hope and what is next?

Sometimes you just have to spend that time with the family; and mourn with those who mourn.  Jesus spent that time with Mary and Martha; and Jesus even wept with the sisters and family who mourned the death of Lazarus of Bethany.  So where and when does the BLESSING come during disappointment?

Well I am not Jesus, so I cannot tell you when Jesus restores or how God redeems the situation to His good which brings great blessing.  But, I know God heals the broken hearted and gathers every tear drop from our disappointments.  Jesus does heal and makes each of us new as His love will bring His peace.

Blessings in Missions and Chaplaincy has many disappointments; and our Savior continues to call us to follow no matter how wounded or broken.  It is not faithful expectations but rather humble vulnerable prayer that JPM seeks to Feed 500 Children plus the 100 neighbors in August. Or how will we DRILL-A-WELL? Only God knows; but I am absolutely sure fresh water for those children is needed from that mountain from which their schools sit on.

Friends! Continue to seek Jesus and pray our Father in Heaven will continue to bring you blessings in the midst of disappointments.  It is His Love that reassures each of us of the Blessing that God has intentionally planned for each of our hearts and lives.  Live blessed and live expectant of God’s grace & peace to go far beyond any disappointment!

Many have asked how the month of May has gone thus far?  I continue to simply thank God and celebrate Jesus with you.  “Your Blessings = Their Blessings” - for I will continue to pray and be expectant of His great love. He knows our needs for JPM today and the coming missions.  

Thank you for your blessings to JPM. Cathy & I are grateful for your love extended to us for our work!

How may we pray for your disappointments today or what holds you in pain, hurt, or frustration.  Please know that all correspondence comes in the private communication; and we seek to serve you in your time of need.  

For this reason and Jesus’ calling for JPM to pray for you. As you are receiving this email; know today - We’re praying for you!

Grace & Peace

Joey Potter 

Joey Potter Missions