How Will We Feed 1 Million Children?

Greetings Friends

The month of April has been a blessing to partner with you. From feeding 500 Children, the community (700+) in Zimbabwe and the feeding of the families in Tecate Mexico.  JPM’s goal was set to “Feed 1 Million Children in the Next Ten Years”…  So what does that look like and how are we doing?

 These are the two main areas we are Feeding 1 Million Children: 

  1. Domestically – Florida / Tennessee / Georgia – which happens periodically by individuals/companies/organizations requesting JPM’s assistance.

  2. Internationally – JPM is serving Zimbabwe & Mexico; with ongoing partnerships to help in needs specifically with Kenya, Honduras, Haiti, & Bahamas (Haitians). 

Our goal is to help each location sustain the means to feed and provide for themselves; and some of these locations are in great need of water.  JPM is researching and committed to DRILL-A-WELL in Zimbabwe in August 2019; and we have received hundreds of requests for these services.  This is very new for us and prayerfully looking at our options and the demands/responsibilities to become a mission ministry which can/could DRILL-A-WELL! 

We would love to know your thoughts on this!

The month of May is our JPM’s BLESSINGS MONTH.  We will reachout to over 500 individuals and companies in seeking funding for the next three years 2019/20/21.  Please be in prayer as we seek to find those individuals who might desire to partner with Joey Potter Missions ministry work domestically and internationally.  We are very thankful for your prayers and support.

At this time – our 17 donors who give their blessing for “feeding 1 million children” is just under 20 children/families who are sponsored by our friends.  These feedings are happening in Mexico, Zimbabwe, and domestically in the US (FL/TN/GA).  Our goal would be to reach 100 partnering sponsors to sponsor a child of the Feed 1 Million Children in the next 10 years program.  Continue to pray for us in this area.

Finally, I was honored to do the funeral service for an ole friend up in Georgia – Paul Bosworth who passed at 89 years old.  Paul & June had been married almost 66 years and their example of life in Christ was beautiful.  The one thing Pops/Paul always did with the family whether coming or going was – “two kisses on the forehead & I love you”…

I pray you are living a life today with “Two Kisses on the forehead & I love you”

Your Blessing – Their Blessing - Be Blessed


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