We Have A Heavy Heart For Zimbabwe

Children Are Starving

There are many tough things to see in this world; and even tougher things to experience in person.  This last week in Zimbabwe JPM Team was ready to care for hungry children; but I am not sure if there is a preparation for caring for starving children! 

Zimbabwe was extremely hot as our team would last about 1 ½ to 2 hours in the sun playing with the children/students at their school.  The situation is desperate for the whole country Zimbabwe; please continue to pray for these children/families and Zimbabwe as a whole.  Our team worked long hours from 5 am till 9 pm; and most days lunch/dinner was combined; which none of us regret – for our task/purpose was being accomplished by our Father in Heaven.   

JPM was blessed by many of you to be able to feed the children (500), Teachers (30), and their community (100) each day while in Zimbabwe.  The bread and orange juice were available; and it was a miracle to be able to provide for this many children/families last week.  To God be the Glory. 

We are determined to return and help this school which is upon a mountain and in great need of water.  So JPM is seeking to drill a well upon this mountain to provide this school/children/community clean water, irrigation for crops, and create a fish pond.  JPM has two containers which have been purchased for JPM Projects of 2019 and looking to fill them for the people of Zimbabwe.

 Please pray for us in seeking the opportunities to drill more wells for the children and schools in Zimbabwe.  These are new journeys of faith JPM travel (shipping containers & drilling wells); but this is the very best opportunities for the children to receive food and water.  Pray God will lead, guide, and direct JPM’s path in these journeys ahead.

Thank you for your continued financial support and your prayers.


JPM is available to speak for your churches, your schools, your company/corporation, and your friends about – “Feeding 1 Million Children in the Next 10 Years”!  Help JPM spread and share the good news of Jesus blessing his children and our work.


Amen Amen Amen 

Zimbabwe Mission Project II – August 28th thru September 4th


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