Running To The Storm (Zimbabwe)

Greetings Friends of JPM:

When JPM originally accepted an invitation to come to Chiredzi Zimbabwe by Hippo Valley Christian Mission with Donna Stroop; the plan was to serve medical clinics at the schools and orphanages with an Educational Christian Program.  We would probably call this in the USA – an Ole Fashion Christian Camp!  JPM was excited to serve our friends of Hippo Valley Christian Mission in this way.

As we planned the Partnership Mission Project to Zimbabwe, new challenges (of a Storm) developed in the country of Zimbabwe developed to cause the following difficulties in our plans to serve:

  1. The Government of Zimbabwe limits and restricts any medical aid or clinics unless first certified and approved by the Government.  Meaning No medical clinics!

  2. The country of Zimbabwe has developed a great threat of gasoline shortages and now food storages has spread into the region of Chiredzi schools & orphanage.

  3. The JPM Program planned for the 500 children for the week now faces hunger and lack of food from both the two schools and orphanage.

 JPM was prayed over this year of 2019 – To Run To The Storm!  So we will be obedient to the Lord’s blessing and go with the changes in Zimbabwe!

This is what we plan to do:

First – our medical team is always ready to serve and help in assisting in any situation.  Their years of experience as RN’s in the hospitals of the ED and past mission projects with JPM brings this Mission Project a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Second – JPM will feed the children!  We will feed the 500 children and their staff members – everyday we will serve them.  JPM is looking at over 3,000 meals upcoming in the 5 days in Chiredzi Zimbabwe and JPM’s cost will be right at $3,250.00 - $1 per meal!

 We were not prepared for feeding 3,000 meals at $1 per meal; but JPM has gathered a group of people like you to PRAY!  No fundraiser. No asking extra funding from you or others. No event to raise funds.

Pray to God, that He will provide the resources for the children – to feed them 5 days at $1 per meal.  The total of 3,000 meals during the week that is needed!
Pray to God, that He will lead us to wherever in the country or neighboring country – JPM will find the food. Food storages is everywhere in Zimbabwe and in Chiredzi! Pray for God’s Spirit to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone as WE – Run into the Storm, in the name of Jesus with His love.

Pray for JPM as our purpose will not be to leave or dismiss this mission project due to the challenges, the dangers, and the difficulties to come! Pray that with the Spirit of Christ as David ran to the battle to defeat Goliath we will have the same spirit to fall upon JPM to find the provision and food for these Children for 3,000 meals!  AMEN!


JPM wants you to know that the Potter family and JPM Team appreciates greatly your prayers, your encouragement, your participation in our mission projects, and continued financial support for what JPM does.  We love you and God bless you.  Amen