'To God Be The Glory'

On October 23rd, 2018 in the third quarter it was Yale against Penn. The Yale Quarterback (Kurt Rawlings) scrambled for 11 yards to pick up a first down before suffering an injury that required him to be helped off the field.  Doctors would discover later that weekend that Rawlings’ season was over due to a broken ankle and torn ligaments.  

Rawlings started all 10 of Yale’s games in 2017 to help the Bulldogs to their first solo crown since 1980. As the centerpiece of the Bulldogs’ offensive attack, the junior signal caller/Rawlings delivered steady results for Yale football through the first half of the 2018 campaign, despite sustaining minor injuries. 

Kurt had participated in JPM Projects in the past; and along with his brother Keifer.  The Rawlings brothers were hard workers and had huge hearts to serve Christ on the mission field.

In most Christian circles – believers would toss the popular verse around as a result of Rawlings injury as Jeremiah 29 – ‘the Lord knows the plans’. This doesn’t work for Kurt or the rest of his family as their mother (Kathy) was diagnosed with cancer; and was going through chemo treatments during Kurt’s junior season.  

Psalms 23 seemed more appropriate for the Rawlings family as many friends were praying and encouraging them in this difficult journey in life.  God is faithful; and the Potters/JPM prayed and shared many moments with the Rawlings to continue in their faithfulness in Christ’s calling.

September 21st, 2019 Kurt Rawlings started as quarterback for Yale University; and his mother Kathy (cancer free) will be there to watch her son play his senior year.  Kurt’s response as always, will be – ‘to God be the Glory’; and will graciously focus always on the healing of his mother instead of the returning to the game.  Both individuals are miracles; and JPM gives thanks to God for their lives and their witness to the communities in which they fellowship.

The powerful perspective of both their journeys has been the striving to take every thought captive and embrace the moments of the painful road to recovery.  Most will never know what agony and challenges Kathy and Kurt experienced.  But this past Saturday was a new day for the Rawlings’ family; and God receives the glory of their victory.  

JPM embraces the journey of faithfulness of what God desires of us; and the journey will always bring us back to Psalms 23.  This past quarter for us has been filled with trials and challenges in Zimbabwe, Mexico, Hurricane Dorian, and still we believe God will be glorified in our joys and our sorrows of life.

JPM is thankful for your prayers and support in our serving others in Christ.  October 1st will be the date for our new JPM Projects for 2020.  Please be in prayer for JPM as we seek to be in the locations and destinations of where Jesus is calling for our teams to go and serve.

We are thankful for each of you; and please let JPM know how we might pray for you.  The challenges for Feeding 1 Million Children in the next 10 Years will be shared and mapped out for everyone to pray and participate.  JPM is excited about the opportunity’s individuals, churches, businesses/companies, and foundations will have to partner with our “Feeding 1 Million Children”.

Pray for us as we pray for you!

Joey Potter Missions 

What's Next After Hurricane Dorian

Greetings Friends of JPM,

Today’s update comes from Harare Zimbabwe as we finish up our work there.  JPM finished two - DRILL-A-WELL and feeding hundreds of children daily. God will use the waters to multiply His blessing upon these children and families.

The new dresses and outfits for the babies (diapers) are a great celebration for many of the mothers and children.  It’s hard to imagine or embrace that these children receive nothing - New!  The children and families have been thrilled with what they have received.  

JPM is praying upon returning in January 2020 to Drill-A-Well and continue the “Feed 1 Million Children” Program; please be in prayer for our final decisions about where JPM will serve in 2020.  There are so many choices and JPM desires to be the very best by serving Jesus where He leads by His Spirit & His Word!

Jesus’ ministry, words, and life was transparent and open to the ones He loved and served.  We desire to do the same with you and your partnership with Joey Potter Missions.  Please know this is a #1 priority for JPM!

While serving in the Zimbabwe Missions Projects, JPM came across a missionary response about money: ‘well we can use the monies however we desire because they won’t know’!  I was shocked and terribly disappointed; and directly communicated that JPM would not continue doing ministry or work with this missionary or their mission organization.

We want you to know your money goes to the place you have designated or desired! Joey Potter Mission Board is 100% committed to our policy, that money goes to the place you have requested!

We are extremely thankful for your giving and your prayers. Not only your donations this past year, but anytime you give it will go where you have requested.  JPM celebrates with all the opportunities you have blessed us to serve - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

YOUR BLESSINGS have gone to:

  1. Joey Potter Missions Finances, Support, & Salary

  2. Feed 1 Million Children in the Next 10 Years Program

  3. DRILL-A-WELL Projects

  4. Tecate Mexico Projects

  5. Zimbabwe Projects

  6. Honduras Projects

  7. Disaster Relief Project of the United States..

  8. Church Plants in Tecate Mexico

  9. Kenya Projects

  10. Costa Rica & Puerto Rico Projects

  11. Bahamas Projects

  12. Foster Children Programs throughout the World

Upcoming for JPM - Fall Projects

JPM arrives back in the US on Saturday morning from 17 days in Zimbabwe; and then wash clothes.  JPM will take to the Eastern Coastal areas to seek how we might best serve the communities hit by Hurricane Dorian with Box Fans and food.

We have been asked to bring supplies to Ft Lauderdale to be shipped to the Bahama Islands thru the work of the church in Spanish Wells - Jarred Albury.  Please pray our supplies and funding for these people is sufficient as JPM asks for the Lord’s blessing.  

We will also take the last two weeks in September to pray, seek the Lord’s will, and rest.  This time is our opportunity to reflect, seek God’s direction, and plan for the JPM Projects for 2020 & Fall/Winter 2019.  Please pray for JPM during this time.  

 THANK YOU so much, your blessing is the children’s blessing.

Cathy & I humbly thank you for the how you have supported and blessed JPM to bless others.  Please let us know how we can serve and pray for you.

Thankful For God's Blessings

Greetings Friends,

The JPM Team has just returned to Atlanta from our mission projects in Tecate Mexico! This past week in Tecate was full of great opportunities to serve the children and people of the Tecate Region.
JPM Teams are helping with a church plant and feeding the children daily. We helped clear the land for the new church to be built and now we're looking to put down the slab of concrete to start the building this fall.

In the past 24 hours unpacked our bags, washed our clothing, and will repack for our departure for the Zimbabwe Mission Project August 2019. Please be in prayer for this Zimbabwe trip as our flight of over 18 hours will bring our JPM Zimbabwe Team into two regions whose children are suffering from starvation and water.

Please pray for our work again in Zimbabwe; as our goal is to Drill-A-Well in two different parts of the country for two different organizations. We'll be feeding around 400-500 people per day; and the children are desperately needing food and water in the country of Zimbabwe where we serve. Thank you for your prayers; and your blessing makes all the difference in what JPM does for each child!

JPM will be bringing many duffle bags of homemade dresses, children’s clothing, and baby clothing that different women’s ministry groups have sewn together for the mission to Zimbabwe. Our clothing adds up to 12 duffle bags of blessings and school supplies for the children and families. It’s hard to imagine that each child and family member has not received any type of new clothing for the majority of their lives.

The children and families will receive one large piece of homemade bread with honey-butter on it; and a large bottle of orange juice. We're giving a praise of thanksgiving that we've been able to find and purchase food for the communities in which we're serving. We will seek to possibly purchase cattle and chickens to build the children/families food supplies as the multiplication of these farm foundations will make a huge difference in the months & year ahead.

Cathy & I are thankful for your partnership and your support of our work in Zimbabwe. Thank you so much for your blessings, your prayers, and your partnership in Feed 1 Million Children in the next 10 Years!

To God be the Glory.



Your Purpose, Your Mission, & Your Calling

Jesus was obedient to His calling;  loving God & loving others. His calling was not designated to location; and God’s Spirit was intentionally on where Jesus was to serve.

Jesus directs our love and compassion to serve those who are hungry, thirsty, in prison, suffering due to sickness, naked, or simply a stranger; what we have done for those – we have done for Jesus.  Thank you for so many of you who have partnered with Joey Potter Missions to serve those who Jesus cares for and loves.  The calling of Jesus is clear; and the Spirit of God will direct your path in every way to those in need of God’s love.

July 2019 is a wonderful month of preparation.  JPM will be preparing for our Tecate Mission Project the last week of July.  JPM Tecate Mission Team will be painting the Girls’ Dorm (orphanage) and sharing in a Feeding/VBS Program in the afternoon.  Please pray for our work this month in Tecate.

July 12th-14th – JPM is asking friends and partners of JPM Projects to gather this weekend for Hurricane Relief Prep Projects.  JPM will be making bags of non-perishable lunches & dinners for the upcoming season ahead.  If you would like to have a JPM Hurricane Relief Prep Project, please contact JPM as soon as possible so we can share the information to accomplish a blessing service too so many who will be in need.

DRILL-A-WELL: Chiredzi Zimbabwe – August 23rd thru September 2nd Joey Potter Missions will seek to accomplish many tasks and objectives in the community of children and families who are in desperate need presently.  JPM will DRILL-A-WELL and we’re asking you to pray that we find the clean running water from the mountain for the children and families.

While in Chiredzi Zimbabwe JPM desires to feed and care for many children and families who are hurting due to the country’s economic crisis that is ongoing.  Pray for our outreach of feeding the children and families to be multiplied by God’s grace & love.

Finally, thank you for your partnership of sharing what Joey Potter Missions does for the children in this world today.  Our goal to “feed 1 million children in the next 10 years’ is not a burden; but rather an opportunity to see God’s miraculous love multiply our food sources by what you do to bless JPM! 

Thank You So Much

Pray for JPM as JPM prays for you.

Joey Potter Missions begins officially our 13 month in serving the children of this world as a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Missions Organization.  Please share our work with your friends, companies, and churches who have a heart to feed the children of this world. 

Come and See God


Living to Die, Dying to Live

This past week I graduate in the CPE Chaplain Program of 2 years/4 semesters – to volunteer/serve the families who are losing or lost their loved ones.  It’s been an opportunity to support the wonderful nurses, doctors, and medical teams who serve each of us in our moments of health needs. 

The CPE training has helped our perspective and serving the children/families in the 3rd world countries.  JPM is aware that many children/parents are HIV infected and serving them will be for a season. The honor of serving and loving these families through Christ is simply wonderful. 

Currently, JPM is in Tecate Mexico this week setting up a feeding for about 100 children; please pray for us as we help parents establish funding to supply their family needs. We will be bringing a JPM Mission Project Team back here in July; and we are excited to see what impact God will have on the children.

Thank you again for your prayers for the JPM Zimbabwe Mission Project – August 2019.  Our goal is to Drill-A-Well for the children/families/community of this area in Chiredzi Zimbabwe. Continue to pray for these people because the situation has worsened since we were last there. Please pray!

At the moment we’re looking for individuals who desire to serve and bless others through short-term mission projects.  JPM Projects are very family oriented and a great week to serve Jesus.  “Come & See God” is our theme in our JPM Projects; and you will see God.

If you’re interested and want more information please contact us.

Thank you for your support and thank your for your prayers.


The Gift of Generosity

The most overwhelming gift that JPM receives is always the GIFT of Generosity.  Do you know those gifts?

The Generosity Gift comes unexpected, without knowledge or reason, and favors the depth of a miracle at times. Generous Gifts are valued and treasured; but the giver has blessed you with this word – Generosity! Generosity captures the heart of God.  Generosity has God’s attention and brings the fullness of God’s love in the act of Generosity. 

Generosity is a lifestyle of blessing.

JPM desires to bless and live the character of generosity in the lives of others.  Generous Giving is always living a sacrificial unconscious approach to focus on the individuals needs. This past two months JPM has been blessed by the generosity of individuals and families who have blessed our work and projects.  What response is worthy of receiving generosity?   Possibly: Hallelujah!

Jesus lived generously and His blessings were always beyond the expectation of those who received His generosity; which left them in awe.

We believe, ‘the world believes in what you do and not in what you say’!  And the world pays attention and seeks to understand the gift of generosity. JPM desires to have the attention of the world to know the love of Jesus; the greatest generosity to be received.

Please pray for JPM to live generously in the months ahead; and bless others beyond human expectation in the power of God’s blessing.

How can JPM pray for you this next week?

Keep In Touch

Yesterday my cell phone was destroyed and it’s been about 30 hours without a cell phone!  The same question you probably have asked sometime in the past – what in the world did we do before cell phones?

JPM desires to keep in touch and reach out to let friends, business, and corporations know about the progress of Feeding 1 Million Children in the Next 10 Years.  The Projects in Tecate Mexico, Chiredzi Zimbabwe, Domestic Disasters in the United States, Honduras, Nakuru Kenya, Spanish Wells Bahamas are ongoing work; our weekly updates are best through emails/blog post like this.

Thank you so much for taking a moment to review, respond, pray, and support Joey Potter Missions (JPM).  Please Let us know how we might serve you! 

June 1, 2019 is the birthday of “Joey Potter Missions” and we are officially 1 year old today.  In the past year JPM has fed 100’s of children monthly in 3rd world countries, participated in the assistants in two domestic disasters of hurricane on the East Coast, and sought to serve other mission operations throughout the world.

You may be receiving this for the first time; and JPM would like to say “Thank You” & “God bless you” for your prayers and support in our projects these past several years.  Please visit our website – there you will find information about our upcoming 5 mission projects in the US & in our international ongoing projects.  If you sign up for our blogs; you will have all the updates and news about the work and service JPM is providing. 

 Our toughest project will be Drilling-A-Well in Chiredzi Zimbabwe; please keep us in your prayers as we prepare with God’s will to drill wells in Zimbabwe.

It is officially hurricane season and JPM hopes to put together JPM HURRICANE PARTIES – would you host a Hurricane Party?  JPM has created a lunch box which has all the main food groups in a Hurricane Relief Bag for the families who will get hit by the upcoming hurricanes this season.  We would love to help you sponsor a – JPM Hurricane Party to gather lunches for the families/children who will be without food during this Season in 2019.  

We also want to thank you for all the school supplies still coming in for our JPM Missions Projects.  You are a blessing for what you do for Christ.

 FYI – 4 spots left for the JPM Zimbabwe Project in August.  
JPM has two Gatlinburg TN Projects (Oct & Dec) – you need to complete your JPM application if you are serving with JPM this fall in the Smoky Mountains.  

Thank you…

God bless you & blessings

40 Years of Blessings

Blessings Friends,

We have some quick updates and blessings we would love to share with you.

Joey Potter Missions is establishing the final process of what it will take to DRILL-A-WELL in Chiredzi Zimbabwe for the children of the school & community who are in desperate need of water.  JPM will be in Zimbabwe from August 23rd – September 2nd to begin the praying, seeking, and drilling to find clean water.  Please Pray For Us!

During our Blessings Month of May – JPM has been thankful for all the blessings and ways God completes our needs beyond human comprehension or understanding. We trust in God’s Way to bless us with what we need – “Give us this day, our daily bread”.

Come to Zimbabwe – August 2019

JPM is not desiring for you to Drill-A-Well in Zimbabwe; but we will set up 5 days of feeding the children of the school and community on a daily basis. We will play games and teach them about the words and teachings of Jesus.  It will be the longest day of your life (each day) and possibly the hottest day too! 

On the other hand, your day will be the greatest experience to share the gospel and feed the children of Chiredzi Zimbabwe. Call, email, or complete the application of JPM on our website – www.joeypottermissions.org ; and God will reveal your life unlike anything you have ever experienced!

Church Missions Month - June 2019

Please share with your church about “Joey Potter Missions”.  Please take some time to share with your missions team domestic/internationally about our work, what we could do to help establish a Partnership, and how we might serve you & your church.  Please pray about this promising partnership that could continue the ministry between God’s work in the Local Church & Missions in the USA/International Countries.

With some great news, Cathy & I will celebrate 40 years of marriage, 40 years of ministry, and 40 years of blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ on June 10, 2019 . Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us over the years. 

REMEMBER WHEN…  Please send us an email or write on our JPM website about a wonderful blessing you remember that involved you/your family & us.  We would love to hear from you. 

Thank you for your support


Blessings In The Midst Of Disappointments 

Blessings in the Midst of Disappointments 

I believe the greatest of blessings come in the surroundings of disappointments.  The toughest part is believing our Father in Heaven could possibly have something that would sooth the pain or breathless dwelling of a disappointment.  

Your disappointment can be the littlest of things in life; or huge prayers or expectations that are not answered  with the outcome of which we desire or need. When we hear that Jesus is always with us and faithful; our human flesh simply responds to scoff the thought of such a possibility in the midst of our pain.

I am an On-Call Hospital Chaplain at Nemours Children’s Hospital; as I have felt a great desire to minister to those families who are given the worst of news or the results of their child progress is beyond the great depth of disappointment.  In those times there is mourning, crying, questioning, frustration, anger, and bitterness during the hours of attempting to process the disappointing news.  Where is the hope and what is next?

Sometimes you just have to spend that time with the family; and mourn with those who mourn.  Jesus spent that time with Mary and Martha; and Jesus even wept with the sisters and family who mourned the death of Lazarus of Bethany.  So where and when does the BLESSING come during disappointment?

Well I am not Jesus, so I cannot tell you when Jesus restores or how God redeems the situation to His good which brings great blessing.  But, I know God heals the broken hearted and gathers every tear drop from our disappointments.  Jesus does heal and makes each of us new as His love will bring His peace.

Blessings in Missions and Chaplaincy has many disappointments; and our Savior continues to call us to follow no matter how wounded or broken.  It is not faithful expectations but rather humble vulnerable prayer that JPM seeks to Feed 500 Children plus the 100 neighbors in August. Or how will we DRILL-A-WELL? Only God knows; but I am absolutely sure fresh water for those children is needed from that mountain from which their schools sit on.

Friends! Continue to seek Jesus and pray our Father in Heaven will continue to bring you blessings in the midst of disappointments.  It is His Love that reassures each of us of the Blessing that God has intentionally planned for each of our hearts and lives.  Live blessed and live expectant of God’s grace & peace to go far beyond any disappointment!

Many have asked how the month of May has gone thus far?  I continue to simply thank God and celebrate Jesus with you.  “Your Blessings = Their Blessings” - for I will continue to pray and be expectant of His great love. He knows our needs for JPM today and the coming missions.  

Thank you for your blessings to JPM. Cathy & I are grateful for your love extended to us for our work!

How may we pray for your disappointments today or what holds you in pain, hurt, or frustration.  Please know that all correspondence comes in the private communication; and we seek to serve you in your time of need.  

For this reason and Jesus’ calling for JPM to pray for you. As you are receiving this email; know today - We’re praying for you!

Grace & Peace

Joey Potter 

Joey Potter Missions


The Promises Of Blessings

"God's intention and desire to bless humanity is a central focus of his covenant relationships. For this reason, the concept of blessing pervades the biblical record. Two distinct ideas are present. First, a blessing was a public declaration of a favored status with God. Second, the blessing endowed power for prosperity and success. In all cases, the blessing served as a guide and motivation to pursue a course of life within the blessing.

The Old Testament: Terms for blessing abound in the Old Testament, occurring over 600 times. The major terms are related to the word meaning "to kneel, " since in earlier times one would kneel to receive a blessing.

The New Testament:The parallels between the Old and New Testament usages of blessing are striking. To be blessed is to be granted special favor by God with resulting joy and prosperity. In the New Testament, however, the emphasis is more on spiritual rather than on material blessings.

God's promise to Abraham again serves as a foundation for blessings. The pledge that "all peoples on earth shall be blessed" ( Gen 12:3 ) is fulfilled in the person and work of Jesus Christ ( Ga 3:8-14 ). He has borne the consequences of the curse for believers ( Gal 3:13 ) and blessed them with the forgiveness of sins ( Rom 4:6-9 ; see  Psalm 32:1-2 ). Believers are "blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ" ( Eph 1:3 ) and now inherit the blessings promised through the patriarchs ( Hebrews 6:12  Hebrews 6:15 ;  12:17 ;  1 Peter 3:9 ). 

As a result of receiving God's blessings in Christ, believers are called to be a source of blessing to the world, especially in response to those who persecute them ( Luke 6:27-28 ;  Rom 12:14 ;  1 Cor 4:12 ;  1 Peter 3:9 ; cf.  Isa 19:24 ;  Zech 8:13 ). In a general sense, the terms for blessing in the New Testament are used to designate that one is favored by God.

Included among these are Jesus ( Mark 11:9-10 ); children ( Mark 10:13-16 ); Mary ( Luke 1:42  Luke 1:48 ); the disciples ( Luke 24:50 ); those who "have not seen and yet have believed" ( John 20:29 ); and those who endure trials ( James 1:12 ;  5:11 ). As in the Old Testament, when these words are ascribed to God they are rendered "praise" ( Rom 1:25 ;  9:5 ;  2 Cor 11:31 ). The most recognizable references to blessing come from the teachings of Jesus.

He declares that in spite of difficulties at the present time, the promises of God's salvation and coming kingdom bring a state of happiness and recognized favor with God ( Matt 5:3-10 ;  Luke 6:20-22 ). The culmination of the Scriptures proclaims the end of the curse ( Rev 22:3 ) and the eternal blessedness of the people of God ( Rev 20:6 ;  22:7 )."

*Copyright Permission by William E Brown

Some of you have been partnering with us since Cathy & I started ministry in 1979; and today we thank God for your prayers, your patience, your love, and your friendship!  You are a blessing!
JPM embraces the teaching of BLESSINGS this Mother’s Day Weekend! We continue to work with God’s blessings to our orphans, our foster children/programs, and the outreach to our friends throughout the world! We also have a thankful heart for you & your family.  THANK YOU!

We ask that you will remember our children and families who are in need throughout the world where we're currently serving – Mexico, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nicaragua, Honduras,  Bahamas, and the domestic regions of the United States.  Your support and prayers is truly a blessing. At the same time please call/contact JPM in how we might serve you.


 Joey Potter

Joey Potter Missions Inc.


You can Donate through the link below.


Joey Potter Missions Inc.

4825 Calasans Ave

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Welcome To Blessing Month (MAY)

Greetings Friends,

This is the May 2019/Blessings Month for Joey Potter Missions!  JPM would like to thank you for your partnership – “your prayers, your financial support, and your interest” in what we are doing and why we are doing what we do! The World will never believe in what we say, but the World will believe in what we do! 

So What Is Blessing Month?

Blessings Month is the month of May were we give thanks for what we do and those who bless JPM to bless others.
As the leader/president of JPM – please pray for our decisions as I have principal oversight of all mission activities conducted under Joey Potter Missions. Our planned activities include short term missions’ projects, feeding the poor, working with orphanages and various foster care services, speaking engagements to further our missions through education and sponsorships for mission activities, fundraising, and among other services to the needy. That is why I seek the counsel of other wise servants/followers of Jesus to help JPM to see where God truly wants us to serve and what God wants us to do!

This Past Year

How cool is this? The IRS commented on our development as a new 501 C (3) exemption to conduct charitable activities and I quote, “your organization came right out serving and knowing what you wanted to do and were you're doing it”!  We have been praying for several years about what is needed in this world; and praying God would lead, guide and direct us in what/where/when/how it would happen. We have been serving since August of 2018 and the journey continues.

What You Might Not Know

International Missions

Thankful for your blessings, prayers, and support – JPM Internationally has currently been serving 2018-2019 in Tecate Mexico and Chiredzi Zimbabwe. We have been blessed with a wonderful Board of Directors who review & help plan on what countries are in the greatest need and/or what country could be best served by us during this past year.  Each of JPM’s goals are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors who fervently pray over our work and plans for the upcoming projects!

This is how and where the idea of “DRILLING-A-WELL” came from; when we returned from Zimbabwe to experience the most desperate situation of starvation.  Your prayers along with seeking God’s direction brought the truth of the realization – feeding the children would not be enough unless there is water available to drink, grow crops, and nourish their livestock.  We concluded that JPM would find opportunities and ways to DRILL-A-WELL!

Please pray for this new project as we learn a new trade and service of what this will all entail. One thing we are sure of, water will provide multiple blessings of resources for the children we serve in Chiredzi Zimbabwe!


  • Provide food, clothing, and clean drinking water for children and families who partner with the organization such as missions / churches / schools who serves in the region.  This is our basic purpose and goal as a mission ministry project.

The organizations we have partnered with thus far in 2018-2019 has been the 2nd Nazarene Church in Tecate, Mexico; and the Hippo Valley Christian Mission in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe.
Your sponsorship for our “Feeding 1 Million Children in the Next 10 Years” has been a great blessing to our goals and missions project.  JPM is actively studying how JPM will feed 1 million children in the next 10 years. We believe in this calling and we're presently feeding children and their families; and will continue daily.
JPM will be sharing our goals during the BLESSINGS MONTH of MAY of what “Feeding 1 Million Children in the Next 10 Years” will look like and what our plans to do in feeding so many children.  Thank you for your sponsorship and partnership that allows JPM to presently feed children!  
Domestic Missions

- Gatlinburg, Tennessee
- New Bern, North Carolina
- Orlando, Florida

Future plans will include the expansion of mission activities to other states and regions stated in our mission statement as the JPM Board reviews/praying over options and mission opportunities.


  1. Provide food, clothing, and footwear for children and families who partner with the organization such as missions / churches / schools who serves in the state or region of the USA.

  2. Provide emergency supplies for disaster relief.  We pre-position supplies in JPM containters strategically located in Atlanta & Orlando so we can quickly respond to crises.  When disaster strikes, we deploy JPM Teams comprised of experienced volunteers trained in meeting the needs of disaster victims.

As you have read over our review of what JPM has been doing for this past year – Joey Potter Missions (Joey & Cathy & the JPM Board) says “Thank You & God bless you for blessing our work”!  Your blessing is Our blessing, and Your blessing is the Children’s blessing.  YOU are a blessing and your provision for our service to begin and continue is because of your faithfulness!

God's Blessings

JPM and the JPM Board of Directors had some ideas of what God had in place for what might be our service; but God’s power and might has taken us in this past year to places and needs beyond anything JPM could have ever imagined!  For this enough to say simply – “TO GOD BE THE GLORY”, amen.
Please keep us in prayer, Domestically and Internationally. Florida / Tennessee / Georgia / Maryland / Carolinas / and the Pacific Northwest.  Pray for our work as it continues in Mexico and Zimbabwe; and studies of new projects in Honduras, Spanish Wells Bahamas, and Nicaragua have started this month.  

Blessings Month – May will consist of 4 articles each Friday about God’s blessings and JPM thankfulness for what God has provided! We are thankful for each of you for providing and partnering with our projects. Give us a call this month and let’s pray together in thanksgiving about God’s blessing!


How Will We Feed 1 Million Children?

Greetings Friends

The month of April has been a blessing to partner with you. From feeding 500 Children, the community (700+) in Zimbabwe and the feeding of the families in Tecate Mexico.  JPM’s goal was set to “Feed 1 Million Children in the Next Ten Years”…  So what does that look like and how are we doing?

 These are the two main areas we are Feeding 1 Million Children: 

  1. Domestically – Florida / Tennessee / Georgia – which happens periodically by individuals/companies/organizations requesting JPM’s assistance.

  2. Internationally – JPM is serving Zimbabwe & Mexico; with ongoing partnerships to help in needs specifically with Kenya, Honduras, Haiti, & Bahamas (Haitians). 

Our goal is to help each location sustain the means to feed and provide for themselves; and some of these locations are in great need of water.  JPM is researching and committed to DRILL-A-WELL in Zimbabwe in August 2019; and we have received hundreds of requests for these services.  This is very new for us and prayerfully looking at our options and the demands/responsibilities to become a mission ministry which can/could DRILL-A-WELL! 

We would love to know your thoughts on this!

The month of May is our JPM’s BLESSINGS MONTH.  We will reachout to over 500 individuals and companies in seeking funding for the next three years 2019/20/21.  Please be in prayer as we seek to find those individuals who might desire to partner with Joey Potter Missions ministry work domestically and internationally.  We are very thankful for your prayers and support.

At this time – our 17 donors who give their blessing for “feeding 1 million children” is just under 20 children/families who are sponsored by our friends.  These feedings are happening in Mexico, Zimbabwe, and domestically in the US (FL/TN/GA).  Our goal would be to reach 100 partnering sponsors to sponsor a child of the Feed 1 Million Children in the next 10 years program.  Continue to pray for us in this area.

Finally, I was honored to do the funeral service for an ole friend up in Georgia – Paul Bosworth who passed at 89 years old.  Paul & June had been married almost 66 years and their example of life in Christ was beautiful.  The one thing Pops/Paul always did with the family whether coming or going was – “two kisses on the forehead & I love you”…

I pray you are living a life today with “Two Kisses on the forehead & I love you”

Your Blessing – Their Blessing - Be Blessed


 Joey Potter

Joey Potter Missions Inc.



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What Do You Remember About Jesus?

Jesus and his disciples stop as the funeral procession passes by. The widow at the back of the procession is burying her only son. Tonight she will make dinner for one and conversation with none. When Jesus sees the mother, his heart begins to break, and he tells her, “Don’t cry.”  The pallbearers stop marching, and Jesus turns his attention to the dead boy and calmly says, “Young man, come back to life again.”  Gray-pale cheeks blush. The dead man sits up.

 Luke’s description of what happens next is captivating.  “Jesus gave him back to his mother.” Jesus must have smiled as the two embraced. Stunned, the crowd breaks into cheers and applause. And someone proclaims the undeniable, “God has come to help his people” (Luke 7:15-16).


 I’ve been preparing to do a celebration service for an ole friend who passed from this life yesterday. My friend lived a life for others; and his focus was always about you when you were in his presence! Paul had this genuine gift of caring and loving others first!

Sounds like Jesus?!?

 In his speech, in his agenda, in his stewardship of life - especially with his time or monies - Paul was always loving others. His life was never famous; but Paul was cherished and loved by anyone who ever knew him.

 What do people remember about us?  Our love? Our generosity? Our kindness to the least of these?

 What do you remember about Jesus today?

 Miracles & Blessings will never happen in our lives, unless the focus is about Jesus rather than us. The resurrection must be lived everyday about the one who first loved us - Jesus!  

Jesus loves us... 





We Have A Heavy Heart For Zimbabwe

Children Are Starving

There are many tough things to see in this world; and even tougher things to experience in person.  This last week in Zimbabwe JPM Team was ready to care for hungry children; but I am not sure if there is a preparation for caring for starving children! 

Zimbabwe was extremely hot as our team would last about 1 ½ to 2 hours in the sun playing with the children/students at their school.  The situation is desperate for the whole country Zimbabwe; please continue to pray for these children/families and Zimbabwe as a whole.  Our team worked long hours from 5 am till 9 pm; and most days lunch/dinner was combined; which none of us regret – for our task/purpose was being accomplished by our Father in Heaven.   

JPM was blessed by many of you to be able to feed the children (500), Teachers (30), and their community (100) each day while in Zimbabwe.  The bread and orange juice were available; and it was a miracle to be able to provide for this many children/families last week.  To God be the Glory. 

We are determined to return and help this school which is upon a mountain and in great need of water.  So JPM is seeking to drill a well upon this mountain to provide this school/children/community clean water, irrigation for crops, and create a fish pond.  JPM has two containers which have been purchased for JPM Projects of 2019 and looking to fill them for the people of Zimbabwe.

 Please pray for us in seeking the opportunities to drill more wells for the children and schools in Zimbabwe.  These are new journeys of faith JPM travel (shipping containers & drilling wells); but this is the very best opportunities for the children to receive food and water.  Pray God will lead, guide, and direct JPM’s path in these journeys ahead.

Thank you for your continued financial support and your prayers.


JPM is available to speak for your churches, your schools, your company/corporation, and your friends about – “Feeding 1 Million Children in the Next 10 Years”!  Help JPM spread and share the good news of Jesus blessing his children and our work.


Amen Amen Amen 

Zimbabwe Mission Project II – August 28th thru September 4th


Joey Potter

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Cyclone Idai (Disaster Relief)

Greetings Friends

This morning JPM Zimbabwe Mission Project Team 2019 ZMPT19 has assembled “21 – CHECKED BAGS & 14 Carry-On Bags of Medical Supplies, Clothing, Shoes, Sandals, School Supplies, and Educational Tools” - for the children of the schools and orphanage.  JPM is anxious and ready to begin; and we realizes this truly is RUNNING TO THE STORM.  

 Many of you may be aware of the Cyclone Idai that came from the Indian Ocean (hit Zimbabwe last week); which left millions of families in disaster living conditions; about 1/3 of Zimbabwe was impact by Idai.  Our team is prayed up and prepared.

 As we serve these next two weeks we will deal with the electricity outages, water situation, snakes, mosquitos, food shortages and lack of gasoline.  Unfortunately the last two years Zimbabwe has been in a drought situation; and now Cyclone Idai hits the country. They needed water, but not in this way.

 JPM is asking you and your family/friends/church/company to pray for our goal each day to feed – 500 children daily.  These children have been in a starvation situation for the month of March; and the Hippo Valley Christian Mission has asked if we can feed these children.  Many of you have given and are giving funds on the JPM website – www.joeypottermissions.org to feed these children for the next week. 

JPM is praying to find a resource or blessing that JPM might feed these children daily; that is why our JPM Team will work thru the week to find what resources might be available for extending this blessing daily for the children.  As JPM continues’ our goal and calling to Feed 1 Million Children in the Next 10 Years – JPM will start today to feed the children of Zimbabwe. 

Please forgive JPM for lack of announcements on social media or email of the exact location of where the JPM Team will be.  The country of Zimbabwe has been under troubled times; and for our safety it is best JPM locations remain neutrally announced.  If you are desiring to work with JPM Zimbabwe in the coming future or interested in a greater investment – please let us know; as our team can share all the information you might need.

Finally pray these matters which are heavy on the hearts of the JPM ZMPT19:
1. Pray that God will provide the provisions for the food to feed the 500 children daily in Zimbabwe…

2.  Pray that God will make transportation safe and finding gasoline with no problem as JPM Team travels thru the disaster left by Cyclone Idai…

3.  Pray for Thanksgiving for God giving our JPM ZMPT19 the professional and gifted team members to serve this mission project…

4.  Pray for our safety & health to continue for the JPM ZMPT19 in Zimbabwe…

5.  Pray for the diseases not to spread among the children from Cyclone Idai…

6.  Pray for JPM ZMPT19 to find the food needed to feed the children daily – 500 children daily & possible other countries in search of food for the children…

7.  Pray for us as JPM prays for you…

Thank you & may God bless you as He is blessing JPM ZMPT19 to serve.

To God be the Glory


BOTA Project Mission 2019

Some things in life have to be experienced to be learned and embraced.

There is no greater impact a family can have SPIRITUALLY than to share in the experience of a Family Mission.  The greatest joy in the past couple of years has been to see Hannah Beth Potter sharpen and financially create an affordable, Christian Educational Experience, and challenging mission project for parents and children.
JPM is finishing up a week of feeding and care for families in the Tecate Mexico region.  Please contact Hannah Beth Potter at hannahbethpotter@gmail.com or apply/ask online about more information that JPM/Hannah Beth can give you about BOTA Project Mission 2019.  

There is great joy and fellowship in the JPM Mission Projects; and JPM has been serving in Tecate Mexico for the last 20+ years.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family.  God bless you and let JPM know how we might pray for your family.

The SPONSOR Page is up and running.  Please let us know if you have a website, photo, and have sponsored JPM in these many past years!  JPM would love to add your Site for many to see and go to if needed for what you provide in your service.  JPM loves you for all you do in pray and support for JPM.

Continue to pray for JPM as we feed and serve children/families in Tecate.  JPM will be gather up BLESSINGS during the week of March 25 thru March 28th for BLESSINGS you might want to bless JPM with.  JPM will depart on March 29th for Zimbabwe – please pray for our RUNNING TO THE STORM… 


Thank You To All Our Sponsors

The work we are doing can’t be accomplished by one person. Partnerships/Sponsorships allows us to team up and fulfill what God is calling us to do. We are extremely grateful to everyone that has played a role in serving people all over the world. We believe great things are ahead of us because we can combine each others resources, time, and connections. This is only possible through God and His people coming together to “Run Into The Storm” and serve the “least of these”.

*If you would like to join Joey Potter Missions Sponsorship Program please click the button below.

Running To The Storm (Zimbabwe)

Greetings Friends of JPM:

When JPM originally accepted an invitation to come to Chiredzi Zimbabwe by Hippo Valley Christian Mission with Donna Stroop; the plan was to serve medical clinics at the schools and orphanages with an Educational Christian Program.  We would probably call this in the USA – an Ole Fashion Christian Camp!  JPM was excited to serve our friends of Hippo Valley Christian Mission in this way.

As we planned the Partnership Mission Project to Zimbabwe, new challenges (of a Storm) developed in the country of Zimbabwe developed to cause the following difficulties in our plans to serve:

  1. The Government of Zimbabwe limits and restricts any medical aid or clinics unless first certified and approved by the Government.  Meaning No medical clinics!

  2. The country of Zimbabwe has developed a great threat of gasoline shortages and now food storages has spread into the region of Chiredzi schools & orphanage.

  3. The JPM Program planned for the 500 children for the week now faces hunger and lack of food from both the two schools and orphanage.

 JPM was prayed over this year of 2019 – To Run To The Storm!  So we will be obedient to the Lord’s blessing and go with the changes in Zimbabwe!

This is what we plan to do:

First – our medical team is always ready to serve and help in assisting in any situation.  Their years of experience as RN’s in the hospitals of the ED and past mission projects with JPM brings this Mission Project a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Second – JPM will feed the children!  We will feed the 500 children and their staff members – everyday we will serve them.  JPM is looking at over 3,000 meals upcoming in the 5 days in Chiredzi Zimbabwe and JPM’s cost will be right at $3,250.00 - $1 per meal!

 We were not prepared for feeding 3,000 meals at $1 per meal; but JPM has gathered a group of people like you to PRAY!  No fundraiser. No asking extra funding from you or others. No event to raise funds.

Pray to God, that He will provide the resources for the children – to feed them 5 days at $1 per meal.  The total of 3,000 meals during the week that is needed!
Pray to God, that He will lead us to wherever in the country or neighboring country – JPM will find the food. Food storages is everywhere in Zimbabwe and in Chiredzi! Pray for God’s Spirit to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone as WE – Run into the Storm, in the name of Jesus with His love.

Pray for JPM as our purpose will not be to leave or dismiss this mission project due to the challenges, the dangers, and the difficulties to come! Pray that with the Spirit of Christ as David ran to the battle to defeat Goliath we will have the same spirit to fall upon JPM to find the provision and food for these Children for 3,000 meals!  AMEN!


JPM wants you to know that the Potter family and JPM Team appreciates greatly your prayers, your encouragement, your participation in our mission projects, and continued financial support for what JPM does.  We love you and God bless you.  Amen 


Hunger No More

Greetings Friends,

Joey Potter Missions (JPM) has been asked to serve in Zimbabwe to help two schools; which in total is 500 children. Right now they are in a food crisis and struggling due to hunger. Zimbabwe is limiting their resources, which creates a huge challenge.

So JPM is going to be there for 5 days to assess and feed all 500 children. Our prayer is to fulfill an even great goal: HUNGER NO MORE!  At the moment we don’t know how that will happen but please pray for us as we plan and feed these children in Zimbabwe.  Pray for JPM with the challenge of Zimbabwe economic challenges and the country's difficulties. Also, pray for our safety with logistically moving this large amount of food & valuable resources as well.

Thank you so much.